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About Our School


Mission Statement

At Bear Gulch School, we believe that children are learners.  They learn at different paces and in different ways, so instructional practices will reflect this.  Since we believe that children learn best in a positive environment, the instructional setting will feature structured classrooms that are safe places for children to express themselves, show respect and be respected.

When students leave their grade level each year, they will successfully have taken full advantage of all learning opportunities: prior knowledge, growing emotional and intellectual development, school and home cooperation, and sound instruction in required standards.  Students will increase their capacity to be accountable for their own actions and their own learning.

Children want to develop academic, artistic and social skills.  We intend to give them opportunities to explore, investigate, probe and create within the context of structure in our classroom learning centers.

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Celebrate with us!

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Bear Gulch

Bear Gulch Elementary School is a K-5 school serving 18 regular education classes and home to one special day class.  We also have one Preppie Kindergarten classroom that provides a developmentally appropriate program for our youngest Grizzlies.  The school was built in 1984/85 in three phases with many students being housed in portable classrooms.  Construction on a new 14-classroom building and restroom building has been completed.