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School Counselor

Mr. Tom Kachaenchai our School Counselor

altMy name is Tom Kachaenchai and I am super excited to be here at Bear Gulch! I bring over 16 years of experience with many facets of education and coaching, particularly in the area of school counselor. I am thrilled that I will have the opportunity to support our learners and their parents or guardians, as well as our wonderful staff and administration.

I believe that student success is dependent upon the combined efforts of teachers, the support staff at school and students' own families. If we work together Bear Gulch will continue to be a place where all students succeed and thrive, where your learners want to be because we've engaged and supported them in their individual areas of need.

Please feel free to contact me via email or at 909-989-9396. I look forward to partnering with you to help our students succeed!

Services I provide:

  *   Individual Counseling

  *   Group Counseling

  *   Parent support and conferences

  *   Community Liaison

  *   Classroom Lessons


  *   PATTS (Peaceful Alternatives to Tough Situations)

  *   Social Skills

  *   Friendship

  *   Behavior

  *   Divorce

  *   Grief

  *   Children of Incarcerated Parents

  *   Salvaging Sisterhood

Classroom Lessons:

  *   Asking Permission

  *   Saying Thank You

  *   Following Instructions

  *   Getting the Teachers Attention

  *   Accepting No for an Answer

  *   MYOB

  *   Waiting Your Turn

  *   Staying on Task

  *   Accepting Compliments

  *   Asking for Help

  *   Making an Apology

  *   Resisting Peer Pressure

  *   Listening

  *   Working with Others

  *   Accepting Criticism

  *   Disagreeing Appropriately

  *   Greeting Others

  *   Setting a Goal

  *   Sharing

  *   Giving Criticism

  *   Appropriate Voice Tone

  *   Having a Conversation